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This is So Not Cool... [Carmen!!]

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1This is So Not Cool... [Carmen!!] Empty This is So Not Cool... [Carmen!!] on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:07 am

Seryse toyed idly with the burgundy tunic that she had been given, rubbing the smooth fabric between her index finger and her thumb. There had never been anything as nice as this in District 6, nothing as soft or comfortable. The clothing that she had been provided by the eerily silent Avox was of a higher quality than some of the dresses that even the Mayor's wife wore. The tiny stitches were so perfectly uniform, the rich color so flawless, it was like something from a dream. How much was this shirt worth? In the market it would fetch a high price - perhaps nearly as much as some of the medicinal drugs that were sold. Fabric was difficult to come by. This... This could keep her entire family in food for a week.

And she was training in it. She would commit murder in it.

A tribute for District 6... That was half of 12, wasn't it? District 12 had won the 74th Hunger Games, hadn't they? Of course, there was the disaster of the 75th Hunger Games to consider, and what District 12 had caused with that. Because of their foolish mistakes, Seryse was sitting here. A tribute for District 6, and the Capital did not care if she lived or died; through their blood lust, they seemed unable to see the pain they brought Panem. The cracks and fissures that had exploded in the disastrous rebellion were being forced back together through the 76th Hunger Games. President Snow was mocking them all. And because of their mistakes and fumbling, Seryse was going to die. How she hated the rebels.

Sighing in disgust, she dropped the long edge of her tunic, letting it settle back against her black leggings. Training was scheduled to begin this morning, and she was the earliest arrival. Not even the boy who had come with her had come down yet: Seryse supposed that he was filling his grossly large gut with all the food in the Capital. It was sure to resurface as soon as the physical exercise began. The very thought of him paying for his greed set a black smile playing across her pale features, her eyes shining like polished stones of darkness. How the Careers would squeal and squirm at the vomit was amusing on it's own; when the fact that they would be killing him for it was added in it was enough to nearly make her laugh aloud.

Chucking darkly at the thought, she settled herself further back against the wall. Her fellow tributes would come pouring in soon enough, and they could begin training for the event that would lead to all of their deaths. Only one could survive the Hunger Games. Seryse intended on walking out of that arena alive and well.

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2This is So Not Cool... [Carmen!!] Empty Re: This is So Not Cool... [Carmen!!] on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:35 am

as carmen walked through the hallways, searching for the training room, she couldnt help but toy with the mint green windbreaker they provided her. She slowly dragged her finger across the soft fabric, trying to memorize the detail of the stitching, and for a breif second, her mind brought her back home, back to district 8, back to the fabric factory she had come to despise. But despite all the hardships her and her mother had faced back then, she would trade the games for the factory in an heartbeat.

Her train of thought was interupted by a large grumble noise coming from her abdomen. She felt blood rush to her cheeks but quickly shook it away. No matter how delicious the food they had offered her looked, she didnt want to injest anything that was made straight from the capitols hands. She was going to die anyway, why risk Raiden and her mother with the sorrow of whatching her death when she could die quietly in a corner?

She sighed and focused on looking for the training room.

after a few minutes of aimlessly walking around, she stoped back infront of a strange door. Growing up in district 8 where they where only taught to sew, she could barely make out the strange writing on the wall. Why could she just go with her guide and 'partner' from her district? it would of saved her the trouble and humiliation.

Carmen quietly bit her bottom lip and slowly opened the door, hoping to find someone to kindly give her directions, but instead found a room filled with many different stations, and weapondry. Carmen stood overwhelmed for a few seconds then snapped back to reality when she heard a snort from the corner of the room. When she turned her head, she saw a young, yet mature looking women leaning against the wall in the corner of the room. She had muddy brown hair and seemed to be glaring at her with eyes the same color. Carmen felt a cold shiver go up her spine.

and once again the same thought that had been nagging inside her head ever scince it was said so smugly during the reaping, flashed through her mind again

...may the odds be ever in your favor...

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The sound of her laughter faded from the room, echoing off of the cold white walls. Seryse waited in silence, her back pressed against the corner beside the heavy double doors. They were pitch black, nearly startling in comparison of the room that they closed on. The metal handles where polished to a dull shine, as if someone cared what the present condition of the Training Room was. Not one of the tributes cared what the room looked like (except for perhaps the Careers) and it was not as if the cameras were allowed in here. No, for the last few weeks before the end of her life, Seryse was allowed to live in privacy. But it would not last long. Peace never did.

Quietly, the door creaked open, revealing the first that Seryse had seen of her fellow tributes. The woman - no, the child - looked frightened. Her dark eyes were wide with fear, and Seryse was unable to tell if her pupils were dilated with trepidation or if her pupils were merely hidden away in coffee-black irises. The child meet her gaze and immediately shrunk away, pulling ever so slightly away. Thick, shaggy, and shiny raven hair fell into her dark face, hiding her away from the world. There was a glimmer of pity for her - there was non way that someone was small as her would survive even a minute in the Arena - but she stamped it out quickly. What little chance she had of survival would be ruined with pity.

Annoyance flickered through her dark eyes: because of this girl, she had could have weakened her defenses. Because this girl stirred pity within her, she could end up making a decision that could lead to her own death. If even for one moment she let herself believe that she was on this child's side... There was no telling how severe the repressions of that thought would be. Injury and death were the foremost of her thoughts, but there were other, more subtle issues that came to mind. Appearing weak, or losing the appeal of the sponsors that she so desperately needed, were other problems that would arise. True, Seryse needed allies in the Arena, but this bird-like creature would do her no good.

And yet, the girl looked so frightened, hugging herself and staring in awe at the assortment of weapons that were hanging on the walls. It had been overwhelming at first for Seryse as well, but she had quickly hidden it beneath a mask of indifference. The Careers could not think that she was weak, or that she did not know how to handle a weapon. They had to believe while she was not weak, she was not too big of a threat. The balance between the two was impossible to achieve. If Seryse wanted to survive, she was going to have to. She felt that she was doing a moderate job of doing so, especially after examining the way that the tribute before her was acting. She looked so timid, so shy, as if... She knew she was going to die.

If she keeps acting like that, then she will.

Seryse sighed softly, and pressed herself away from the wall. There was a difference between becoming a weakling's ally and offering them advice, and she knew that she needed to at least try and assist the tiny girl that looked so afraid. She would not last two minutes in the arena looking like this. It may have been too late: if any of the Careers had caught sight of her, then they would have already selected her as a target. Silently, she strode towards the green-clad tribute, and smoothed her tunic down over her hips. The black leggings that she wore were obviously meant for combat, and adhered flawlessly to her legs, leaving no restriction of movement. Her soft leather boots were already worn, and did not even creak with movement. If she had been home, it would have taken a few years to get any shoes like this.

But she wasn't home; Seryse doubted she'd be going back alive.

She crept up silently beside the child, and stood behind her quietly. It seemed that she had not yet noticed that she had moved. The corners of her lips twisted upwards in a wry smile: she had always taken pleasure in scaring people. It would not be long before her life depended upon her stealth.

"If you keep acting like that, you're going to get yourself killed." The sharp exhalation of air that sounded confirmed her suspicions - she had scared the girl enough to win a gasp. Instantaneously, every muscle in the girl's body tightened, her bony shoulders becoming tight beneath her thin jacket. Seryse smiled darkly while the girl spun around, nearly purring at the reaction that she had earned. The girl stumbled back and away from her, and she chucked throatily, mockingly. "Like that. The Careers will pick you off before you can even reach the Cornucopia if you continue walking around like a scared kitten. Do you not know how to control your emotions?"

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