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Richard Cypher

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1Richard Cypher Empty Richard Cypher on Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:46 am

Name:Richard Cypher



District: 10

Preferred Weapon:sword

Description: He has light brown hair, messy short. He has dark brown eyes with heavy eyebrows that make his eyes look brighter than ember. He has a prominent jaw that makes him look hard and tough which covered his soft heart. has thin lips that hardly ever show his beautiful white teeth. He is truly fit(with a few scars)and prefers comfortable clothes.

He has lived a great life until he turned 16 and things took a turn for the worst. On his 16 birthday him and his friends went out to the outskirts of the town. Richard was always one of those guys that took a hit for those who couldn't and stop the things that hurt others. In the outskirts of town they were hanging out with his friends and their girlfriends when a group kids came by. They were clearly drunk. They began to walk over to Richard pushing over his sister and his friend girlfriend. His friend went ballistic and ran to the man named Jasper, the town gangster, whose face now visible. Jasper was ready for the blow his friend was carrying and come back with a knee to the face. Richard being himself ran to his friend on the floor then out of anger ran to Jasper and punched him in the gut. Jasper stood straight up and smiled and yelled
"That all you got!" he held up his arms as Richard punch him in the face. Jasper once again stood up and smiled now his mouth bloody. And yelled once again, but this time a command. The men behind him grab his sister, Maddy, and his girlfriend, Kayla.
"This really what you want, Richard" Jasper said as they push the girls on the floor in front of him. Maddy crying so quietly it sounds like a whisper, but just loud enough for Jasper to hear. He bent down and lifted Maddy’s head by her hair. He wiped off the dirt smudges and turned back to Richard.
“Okay Richard you have left me no choice. Take em’” Jasper’s men grabbed them and began pushing them along. Maddy now crying more violently, and Kayla staying strong trying to comfort her. Richard began to run towards is loved ones with his friends by his side when jasper stepped in front of them with a shovel in his hand. Richard quickly picked up the message he was sending by his evil grin that crossed his face. Richard pushed the shovel back into Jasper’s face and the drunken gangster fell to the ground. He took the shovel and ran after the men. When they caught up they fought viciously and got Maddy free. When Richard went to serve the man holding Kayla a blow he pulled out a knife and held it to Kayla’s neck.
“You really want to try me Cypher?” Richard stopped. Then the man cut Kayla’s back and threw her behind him and lunged for him. He managed to slice his chest which sent him to the floor in pain. Maddy immediately ran to Richard then the man ran off.

When Richard woke he woke to Maddy holding his head with a smile on her face.
“Where is Kayla?” Richard said as strong as he could. Maddy looked down the smile left her face. Maddy saw a tear fall from Richards’s eye then pulled him close.
“Kayla died…she bled to death.” She could barely get the sentence out. Richard felt horrible and now in a full sob.
Now Richard lives with the guilt of putting his girlfriend’s life in danger. His parents had died when he was 12 and was left to raise his 15 year old sister ,Maddy, when he is chosen to go to the hunger games.

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2Richard Cypher Empty Re: Richard Cypher on Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:50 am

my profile pic is richard (hot i kno!)

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3Richard Cypher Empty Re: Richard Cypher on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:41 pm

omg he sounds so cute and nice and strong!! >w<
i wish there was a like button, cuz i would totally push it :D

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4Richard Cypher Empty Re: Richard Cypher on Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:17 am


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