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To Be Free... [Vikky!]

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1To Be Free... [Vikky!] Empty To Be Free... [Vikky!] on Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:04 am

She stood silent, her hair stirring ever so gently in the breeze. The sun was setting on the Capital, setting the sky alight with the brightest hues of orange and red. Flames and bursts of pink tinted the clouds, chasing the dark shakes of night away. But the dark would only be held at bay for so long; the sun would disappear beyond the horizon eventually. The final rays of the sun lit the city with scattered light, the rays bouncing weakly off of the colored glass of the impossibly tall buildings. The citizens of the Capital were going to bed, sleeping safely in their beds. They had no fear of death, no doom hanging over their heads. There was nothing for them to fear, no reason for them to feel threatened. Under the sadistic rule of President Snow, the citizens of the Capital were utterly safe.

Seryse wished that she could say the same for herself. She hated herself for being so weak: she had not been gone from District 6 even two days before the shattering homesickness set in. For all of her arrogant confidence, for all of her mocking and judging, she knew that there was a chance that she would not win the Hunger Games. That there was a chance that she would never be going home. Only death waited within the Arena, and the chances of it being her death were far too large. There were twenty-four contestants, and twenty-three of them had to die gruesome deaths. Seryse was terrified of being one of those twenty-three. The odds were not in her favor.

With her fellow contestants she was not allowed to show weakness, or fear, or pain. Giving any of them reason to believe that she was an easy target meant certain death: it was common knowledge that the Careers teamed up and killed off the weaklings first. They could not be given a reason to believe that she would be easy to kill, or she would be dead within five minutes. But here, upon the roof toop of the Training Center, she was utterly alone. The silence was so blessedly peaceful, the lingering warmth of the sunlight so serene, Seryse felt as if this moment could last forever. How she wished she could live the rest of her life trapped within this single instant. There was no hunger, no hurt, no hardship.

The Hunger Games seemed to be a hundred years away in this little world of her own, although there was the nagging portion of her brain that knew otherwise. Whatever fantasy her heart tried to spin over reality, there would always be the rock-solid establishment of reality that was her brain. Her heart tried to weave the thinning fantasy over her mind, but it was shattered by cold certainty. Seryse tried to give herself hope, to bring herself peace, but her common sense knew the truth of within these lies. There was no hope to be had.

Seryse was never going to see her mother again. Her father would never hold her in his arms again, never again would their little family enjoy stories by the fireplace. She would never haggle for food with stolen medicines, nor would she ever practice throwing knives with John again. Never again would she fall into his embrace, or tease him for the affection that he held for her. Seryse may have been viewed as cold-hearted and cruel, but she was capable of love. It had taken a few years for her to come to the conclusion that she did indeed love John, and if the Hunger Games had not ripped them apart they likely would have married. She would have found a family in him - a home. But the Capital had taken all of that away from her - President Snow had ripped her life, her happiness, and her love away.

Her death was going to be for the entertainment of his brainwashed denizens of the Capital.

Immediately her imagination launched into action, and she was unable to block the horrendous scene that it spun before her eyes. She could see the grotesquely fat citizens of the Capital roaring with laughter, sloshing wine and throwing juicy rare meat at each other from across the table. On a large screen was displayed her body, broken and bloodied, her mouth left open in a scream of agony. No! And then she saw her parents, clutching each other and crying on the musty sofa, her bloodied face projected on the dingy screen of the television. There was John, staring blankly. His pale eyes were filled with unshed tears. NO! Finally, she was able to snap herself away, and reality filled her mind to the brim.

The sun had gone down completely, and the breeze was now devoid of the warmth that it had once carried. Seryse struggled to breathe, her chest rising and falling in ragged panting. There was no hope. She was going to die, and there was nothing she could do. Tears streamed freely down her pale features, but she did not bother to wipe them away. There was no hope, no life, no peace. Awaiting her in the arena, there was only pain and suffering.

There was only death.

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2To Be Free... [Vikky!] Empty Re: To Be Free... [Vikky!] on Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:48 pm

vikky looked out of the huge glass window that was framed on the side of her bedroom. the rays of the sunset were scattered all over the capital, birds were starting to fly away to their nests and the clouds were blowing freely in the wind. she wishes so much to be a cloud, to roam around the earth freely with others among her kind. but since her name was pulled from the raffle, she knew that she will probably never be free again. that she is now attached to the heavy chain that is known as the capital, and she wont be released unless she is dead.

vikky walked over to her bed and layed there. she stared at the ceiling and tryed to fall asleep, but her mind kept focusing on her family. she turned to her side and closed her eyes, but then she started thinking of her school. she thought of the funny way that miss. smith say monday mondee and how billy the class clown would always be sent to the corner of the room and would be forced to sit on a hello kitty chair that we all hated so much. vikky opened her eyes and grunted. she turned to her other side and forced her mind to shut off so she can get some sleep. but her mind wouldnt let her. vikky kept thinking of all of those she missed and how she will never see them again. she hated herself for being so pessimistic, for always thinking of the worse, but she couldnt help it. lifes not a fairy tale. that's just the cold hard truth.

sighing loudly, vikky sat up in her warm, comfortable bed, slipped into some slippers and a bathrobe and headed out of her room. walking always cleared her mind, that and farming. she walked aimlessly around the halls trying to find somewhere with freash air and no walls. vikky dragged her feet (it's a habbit of hers) and followed a random hall.

"dad..." she whispered. she touched her biceps, another habbit of hers. her dad was the one who trained her physically, he made her and her brother prepared for the games. he taught them where to find food, how to hunt, and how to take down opponents. she was close to her dad, closer to him than her mom like all teenaged girls.

when she was called for the games, her heart sunk, but she didnt let others see her true feelings. vikky kept a straight face and made her way to the stadium. she looked back at her family with a small smile. her mom was in tears, her dad was trying to hold his tears back, and her brother looked in vikkys eyes as if he was saying something. she knew exactly what he was thinking. she shook her head and said with her eyes, im ready for this, there's no sense in you taking my place...if i dont come back, take care of them for me. he nodded, and a single tear rolled down his tanned cheek. he brushed it off quickly and turned away.

BAM! vikky fell to the floor. she looked around, adrenaline rushing, getting ready to fight, but then she realized that the hall had ended and she just hit the wall. that made her get out of her memories. grateful for the wall being able to end her thoughs, but embarassed for running right into a wall, she took another route. she touched her forehead, then her heart. that was another habbit. her mom trained vikky's mind to manipulate other peoples thoughts and actions, to be very perswasive, and to stratigize. she touched her heart because it was the place her brother lived in her body. he was the only one who got her, the only one she was truely close to.

vikky let out another deep sigh and looked ahead of her. she saw a set of stairs and a sign that said ROOFTOP. finally, she thought. she climbed up the steep stares made of what seemed to be iron. they were so cold, so hard, just like the capitals heart. she opened the roof door and was welcomed by a gush of wind. she breathed in the city air, it's so different from the farm... theres so many buildings, so little plants... so many freaks walking around with weird hair-do's... vikky looked at the edge of the roof and saw one of her competitors. the shadowy figure didnt seem to notice her, so vikky was gonna go to the other edge of the roof and relax a while. but then her moms voice came from inside her head. having allys makes the games more easy, but be careful about who you choose. dont do anything that you wont benifet from, vikky
she decided to listen to her moms voice, knowing that her mom was always right. she touched her forehead again and walked up to the stranger.

"hi. im vikky from district 11."

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Seryse gasped, choking out yet another sob. It was so difficult to contain herself, near impossible to quiet her grief. Death was rapidly approaching her, and there was no way way out. The Reaping condemned her to die within the Arena, to die for the entertainment of Panem. She was going to die because President Snow wished to see blood, because he wished to keep his empire under complete and total control. It was so wrong, so inhumane: children should not be called to slaughter one another. Children should not have to face or see the horrendous ends that many of the contestants met in the Arena, and yet they were forced to watch. They were forced to compete and they were forced to die.

It was all too much, it was simply overwhelming. There had always been the lingering fear of her name being drawn in the Reaping, but even when her name had been read it had seemed surreal. Even now, standing atop the roof of the Training Center, looking down at the shining lights of the city, it seemed as if she was trapped in a dream. As if she was trapped in a nightmare.

Hot tears continued spilling down her face, trailing around her bold nose and trickling across her rosebud lips, filling her mouth with the bitter taste of salt. The glimmer of hope she had once had had vanished without a trace, and all that was left was despair. Despair radiated from her core, shattering her very being. Her soul was bent double with pain, and where a proud young woman had resided a humble child was born. Seryse Mckinley was going to die in the 76th Hunger Games, and she could not bring herself to care. There was no hope for her, and she would only bring herself further pain by trying to pretend that there was. She had not yet seen how her fellow tributes preformed, but she innately knew that they would beat her, bring her down to her knees. She was going to die at the hands of another child.

"Oh God," she whispered, praying softly through her sobs. "Please don't let me die. I-" a sudden sob choked off her words, her abdomen contracting as her breath caught painfully, "I don't want to die!" Again she choked, sobs continuing to wrack her entire body. With each breath she took, she knew that it was one breath closer to death. Every time she blinked, shutting her dark eyes to the shining Capital below, she knew that she was one instant closer to the eternal darkness of death. And there was nothing that anyone could do about it. No one had offered to take her place, no one had offered to exchange their life for her's. She was in the Capital, and here among the bustling population of thousands, she had never felt so alone.

She moaned in despair, pressing the heels of her palms to her eyes in an attempt to bring an end to the tears. The rough callouses that had formed over the years of illicit weapon training felt rough against the soft skin that covered her eyelids, her long lashes tickling the creases that trailed down her the top of her wrists. A final sob left her chest, sounding more like a howl of anguish than a noise of grief. In truth, the teenager was a wounded animal - and in her final days on Earth, there was absolutely no one for her to turn to. Seryse was utterly alone.

And then a voice broke the silence, timid and soft, the quivering vibrato of a woman's voice conveying unease. The realization that she was not alone nearly brought her to her knees, and beneath her hands she could feel her eyebrows arching in surprise. Instantly, her mouth curled into a defensive snarl, and the wounded animal within her prepared to lash out. But then she considered the woman's words; they did not suggest that the woman - who had called herself Vikky - was trying to attack her. Within the Hunger Games, it was fight or die, and one had to prepare for anything. Judging by the tone of Vikky's voice... She sounded as if she wanted to become friends - as if she wanted to form an alliance. Seryse could not count the number of times that she had seen alliances form and shatter through cold-blooded murder, but in the beginning of the Hunger Games they were always priceless.

Was she willing to take the risk?

Seryse took a moment to try and compose herself, using her hands to quickly wipe away her tears, bringing a red blush to her pale cheeks. She swallowed and took a sharp breath through her nose, trying to contain the the mucus that it had released once the crying had began. With a gentle sigh, she turned towards Vikky, and only stared at the teenager, her face an impassive mask. Swallowing again, she noted that her fellow tribute seemed fit enough, and was dark of hair and eye as well. Where had she said she was from? District 11? That sounded correct.

"He-hello," Seryse stammered, her word becomming cut off by a sudden hiccup. "I'm Seryse - from District 6. You'll -" hiccup "You'll have to excuse me; I must look a mess." The silence extened on awkwardly after that, Vikky falling silent. Seryse swallowed again, trying to keep a hold on her ever-slipping composure. Her dark eyes were still swimming with tears, and she knew that she was far too close to crying again. She could not appear weak before the other tributes, but for some reason Vikky felt different.

Did she trust her?

The thought was slightly startling, but she knew that there was a possibility that it rang true. After all, Vikky was in far better shape than that bird like girl she had run into earlier. And while it was in Seryse's nature to be cynical, she found that Vikky had not yet given her a reason to not trust her. Perhaps she would make an ally of her after all.

"The... The city is lovely in the evenings, don't you agree?" Her own voice sounded as uneasy as Vikky had sounded earlier, but she was literally dancing with death here. She had not yet even entered the Arena, but already Seryse found herself fighting for her life. And there was no end to this twisted dance - the Hunger Games only ended with death.

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"yea, it is. if it werent for the blood thursty weirdos with a funky sense of fashion, i might consider living here." vikky chuckled a little. she's lame for laughing at her own jokes, but she's trying to get on Seryse's good side.

vikky sat next to Seryse, leaving her enough room so she can take her time to cry. she tryed to look at her face, though it was hard cause Seryse was looking downward. her brown hair was covering most of her face, but from where her hair was pinned, she could see parts of her face. she looked tough and strong. but from the weak phase she was in at the moment, she's giving out the kind of mood to where she's vulnerable. this is the perfect chance to make a move, vikky thought. i'd better wait until she calms down... or maybe i should make her feel like she has a friend right now...

vikky looked once more at Seryse. then she smiled a little, one more person closer to either victory or death. she sighed, "the thought... of never seeing your family again is the worst right? the thought that you'll never get to share memories with them and your friends..." silence continued. your almost there, say something again but this time, hit the target. hit it hard. make her believe your sharing her same feelings and that you care. vikky frowned and looked back to the city lights. trying to look deep in thought, she tryed to get Seryse to speak. "i hate the fact that we have to be the entertainment for the Capital. they probably dont even care if we live or die, they just want to see the blood. i dont like being played for, and there's no point in killing children. it's sick and inhuman, dont ya think?" vikky paused a moment... then forced out a little tear "i...i dont want to die..."

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