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Character Creation

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1Character Creation Empty Character Creation on Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:15 pm


Okie dokie! What you're going to do is take this sheet, and fill it in to match the character that you're going to be writing. Once you have that done, please post a new topic with your information as the message, and the name of your character as the title of the topic. I'll do one as an example later on. ;D





Preferred Weapon:

Description: (I'm going to ask for a minimum of 50 words here, simply so writing with each other and describing is all the easier! But if you can't quite manage that its ok - just try your best.

Biography: (I'm going to ask for a minimum of 100 words here, simply so we can get better idea of who your character is! After all, biography's are what really flesh your character out. And I promise, 100 words isn't that much. Smile

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